Which is better a monocular or binocular microscope?

We know that there are microscope manufacturer for all tastes. There are manufacturers that offer them of higher quality and others of lower quality, but the most important thing is that they adapt to what you need so much.


If you choose a conventional optical microscope, also known as a composite microscope, you will have to choose between buying a monocular microscope or a binocular microscope.


Monocular microscopes, as the name suggests, have only one eyepiece. This means that the sample can only be observed with one eye. This type of microscope is usually simpler and therefore cheaper. These are the right choice if you only want to use the microscope on time and the available budget is limited.


The other option is binocular microscopes, equipped with two eyepieces. With these microscopes, the sample can be viewed simultaneously with both eyes. This is much more comfortable and more suitable when using the microscope for hours. Its price is a bit higher but the investment is worth it if you are going to use the microscope often.


Finally, it is worth mentioning that there are also trinocular microscopes. These microscopes have two eyepieces to observe the sample and a third eyepiece where a digital camera can be connected.


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